CompoPac® Made by TVU

Sustainable by line and thread

With the feel for yarn and color

TVU is a textile company from Leutershausen that specializes in yarn trading and yarn finishing. The origins of the fourth-generation family business go back to 1922. Back then, the (great) grandparents of the current owners dyed yarn in simple troughs. Since 2008, both the textile finishing union and yarn distribution have been under one roof.

Anyone who dyes yarn can't be completely clean?

Kompostierbar nach Strich und Faden

warmth &

TVU generates heat in its own biomass heating plant and can reuse around 60 percent of it. It covers more than 25 percent of its electricity needs through photovoltaic systems.

colors &

The finishing experts do not use any environmental toxins that accumulate in nature. Numerous certifications (REACH, Keimling or STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®) prove these ambitious claims.

water &

For dyeing, TVU only uses process water, which it decolorizes itself through partial flow treatment. Through various process optimizations, the company was able to reduce its water consumption by 35 percent.

employees &

In Germany, TVU supports its employees beyond what is required by collective agreement. Suppliers are measured against the highest standards and compliance with social standards is checked personally on site.

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Sustainable by line and thread

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