Cords made of cellulose

Cords for fruit and vegetable growing under one roof

Whether for the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers or raspberries - our compostable cords made of cellulose are used whenever you need a quick, inexpensive and ecological climbing aid for your greenhouse.

CompoPac®­Growth | A climbing aid, numerous advantages:

Kompostierbar nach Strich und Faden

When grown, the cord made from natural cellulose has the advantage of being fully compostable.

The climbing aid does not have to be laboriously separated from the plant parts when clearing the greenhouse.

The completely biodegradable material gives the plants stability over the entire growing season.

Our climbing aid can also be chopped without affecting the service life of the chopping knife.

Compared to conventional PP cords, no microplastics are created when disposing of our climbing aids.

The obtained, residue-free compost can be used directly for high-quality potting soil (compostable according to EN 13432: 2000-12).

Numerous possible applications

Sustainable by line and thread

Each plant climbs towards the sun in its own way: twists such as tomatoes or firebeans, for example, need vertical climbing aids to grow up. Tendrils like peas or hedgehog cucumbers, on the other hand, prefer to hold onto strings.


No matter which plants you want to support - thanks to CompoPac® Growth your fruit and vegetables are no longer bound to pre-formed systems made of plastic, metal or wood. Tensioned at the same time, knotted into a network or mounted using rope tensioning technology: Use our compostable climbing aids made of cellulose to implement solutions that can be flexibly adapted to your individual requirements.

Facts & Figures
CompoPac® Growth in a nutshell

Practical extras | Hooks for processing fruit and vegetables

Sustainable by line and thread

cylindrical cone

Sustainable by line and thread

On request, we can wrap the rope you ordered on hooks. Or you can also only order the yarn and have the winding on hooks done by a third party. These guarantee a comfortable and effective way of processing tomato plants.

Product description

approx. 4 kgs/cone
144 cones/palett
580 kgs/palett

Hooks with rubber system

Sustainable by line and thread

Hooks with tail system

Sustainable by line and thread

Hooks available in 18 or 22 cm
Winding 12 + 3 m - other lengths possible
Price on request

You can get our compostable climbing aids either with a colored marking strip or plain-colored (white). At the moment we can offer you CompoPac® Growth in a strength of 350 and 400 N, if you need a higher strength, please contact us.

Plastic is no longer in your greenhouse?

Sustainable by line and thread

Our team will be happy to explain how to give your plants the necessary support in a sustainable manner.

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