Com­post­able pack­aging net­tings

Made by nature, made for you

Compostable packaging nets made from renewable raw materials such as cellulose or cotton are becoming increasingly popular. After all - unlike plastic nets - they make an important contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection. So if you want to pack fruit, vegetables and Christmas trees both plastic-free and product-specific, CompoPac®offers a sustainable alternative. High-quality materials and careful processing guarantee solutions tailored to the individual application.

The properties of our compostable packaging nettings at a glance

Kompostierbar nach Strich und Faden

Conserves resources

Our compostable packaging nets are made of cellulose. This breathable and tearproof material gives them a natural look and a snug grip.

Environmentally friendly

Cellulose is a 100% biodegradable raw material. The fibers certified according to DIN EN 13432: 2000-12 dissolve completely in composting plants.


We adapt CompoPac® individually to the respective product in terms of width, mesh size and resilience. We are also able to give our compostable packaging nets a harmless and individual color.

Absolutely sustainable: from cultivation to packaging

Sustainable by line and thread

Nuts, oranges or potatoes: what do you want to pack? Our finishing experts adapt CompoPac® in color, width, mesh size and resilience to the respective product.

CompoPac® Tree works without plastic. Nevertheless, the environmentally friendly alternative made of cotton scores on the sales floor with the same properties as classic Christmas tree nets.

Whether you are growing tomatoes, cucumbers or raspberries - with the help of cellulose compostable cords, you can implement flexible, inexpensive and ecological climbing aids for your greenhouse.