Christmas tree wrap­ping net­tings made of cotton


A festival for people and the environment

Christmas is a contemplative celebration for the whole family ... and unfortunately also an environmental sin. Advent calendar made of plastic, electricity swallowing fairy lights, garbage piles made of wrapping paper: how about we not only give presents to loved ones for Christmas, but also do something good for our planet? We start with the Christmas tree. At first glance, plastic trees seem to be more environmentally friendly than real ones - after all, they can be reused every year. But honestly: The PVC fir will sooner or later end up in the trash. That is why a spruce or pine from the seller around the corner is a good alternative. And if he also uses Christmas tree packaging nets made of cotton, there is almost nothing standing in the way of the plastic-free festival.

Compostable Christmas tree nets for the sales area

Kompostierbar nach Strich und Faden

While other Christmas tree wrapping nettings are made of polyethylene or other plastic mixtures, CompoPac® Tree works entirely without plastic. Nevertheless, the environmentally friendly alternative made of cotton scores on the sales floor with the same properties as classic Christmas tree nettings:

Our Christmas tree packaging nettings made of cotton have a close-knit fabric which, thanks to the high-quality workmanship, has a high tear resistance and thus optimally protects the fir tree.

In addition, it is breathable, light, durable and can be easily pulled onto the machine and processed in the best of conditions, even under adverse conditions.

The cuffs are 300 m long and thus reduce set-up times, which leads to enormous time savings at the sales point.

Our bales and pallets also guarantee space-saving storage and easy handling when it comes to storage.

Our cotton Christmas tree wrapping nettings are available in two colors as standard:



Of course, we adapt CompoPac® Tree in color, width, mesh size and resilience to your specific requirements.


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