As though made by nature

Nachhaltig nach Strich und Faden
Braunes Netz um Kartoffeln

Sustainable right down to the fibre

Organic fruit from one place and plastic nets from another?
That doesn't make sense. We therefore make a point of manufacturing CompoPac not only from renewable raw materials but also in an ecological manner. When all is said and done, we have a responsibility – to the environment and our children.

From nature. Around the product. And back again.

Recyclebar nach Strich und Faden

Our compostable packaging nets don't leave any harmful substances behind.
We simply give back to nature what we borrowed from it.

Grüner Baumstamm Icon


The substance from which trees are made: Only timber from Central European woodlands is used in our nets.

Grüne Blumen Icon


The timber is ground into a pulp and water added – the mixture is then cleaned, compressed and dried.

Grüne Fasern Icon


Fine cellulose fibres gained through a special process make CompoPac especially resistant to tears.

Grünes Icon Erde


Our nets bearing the seedling mark break down in composting systems after about twelve weeks.

Grünes Icon Netz


Made in Germany: CompoPac natural fibre nets are breathable, tear-resistant and distinguished by a soft and smooth touch.

Grünes Icon Garn


Yarns weaved in Europe are given a food-safe colouring by our finishing experts.

Kreislauf: vom Holz zum Netz

Yarn dyers can't possibly have clean hands or a clean conscience, can they?

Kompostierbar nach Strich und Faden

Heat &

We generate heat in an in-house biomass heating plant and are able to reclaim about 60 percent of it. More than 25 percent of our electricity requirement is covered by photovoltaic systems.

Dyes &

We do not use environmental pollutants that accumulate in nature. Numerous certificates (REACH, Keimling (seedling mark) or STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®) show just how high our expectations are.

Water &

For dyeing, we only use process water that we ourselves decolourise through partial current treatment. We have been able to reduce our water consumption by about 35 percent thanks to various process optimisations.

Staff &

In Germany, we support our staff above and beyond the legally required minimum. We gauge our suppliers by our own expectations and check in person to ensure that social standards are maintained on-site.

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compostable packaging nets?

Nachhaltig nach Strich und Faden
Lila Netz um Knoblauch

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